Wednesday, November 4

Coming back to Life...

I have been a sketchy blogger and a lazy writer the past few months...
I'm going to try to revive this thing in coming weeks...

But for now...a few things I am learning in the world of practicality post-college in no particular order:

1. I have diagnosed myself several times to be experiencing an identity crisis...this leads to sudden and rash decisions such as chopping my hair, booking plane tickets, wearing high top converses with my scrubs, baking a lot, going to bed at 10pm, going to get frozen yogurt by myself...and things of the like.

2. Training for a marathon is somewhat difficult people.

3. Men with little dogs freak me out. They are everywhere around my apartment in Uptown.

4. I have mostly conquered my fear of toll roads.

5. Dallas is fun, but still not as cool as LA.

6. There are weird people everywhere.

7. Waking up at 5:15am gives me some weird sense of accomplishment.

8. Laying down anywhere after work is not a good idea = asleep in moments. Hard to recover from this.

9. Dallas drivers are the worst I've seen.

10. I love the Village Church...a lot.

11. Living in an apartment is much easier than living in a home...who knew?

12. I need a big dog to run with me...but I refuse to have an inside dog...which poses a problem when you live in an apartment.

13. The idea of a pay check is still weird to it's weird that they keep paying me over and over again.

14. I love being categorized with the group "young professionals"...haaaha.

15. It is a strange thing to enter the working world as a 22 yr old, single woman.

16. The thought of a family excites me more than ever before.

17. Speaking of family...I miss mine...some days more than I did when I was in college...strange.

18. Gmail is necessary.

19. I am currently up too late.

20. This is a random post. Get over it.

Real stuff..coming your way soon :)


jenn said...

i love:
1. lists
2. the villas
3. 5:15 am
4. spurs
you are such a blessing!

the blog is BACK.. and inspiring me to update!

Kim said...

woohoo! keep it up, tucker. i love hearing/reading about your life :) hope you're doing well, friend!

katie said...

when did you get high top converses?? would you please call me back...i feel like i don't know you anymore which is a proble. a BIG problem.