Sunday, October 26

Run Baby Run...

Yesterday, on a whim - Ashley and I decided to run ten miles. It was exhilarating, exhausting, and painful all at once. I don't know what comes over us on these random days of let's kill ourselves in some athletic way. Both of us are extremely competitive...which is probably the only way either of us kept running.

Speaking of running...Mark Driscoll has been running with me lately (via my iPOD)...and I laugh out loud at certain points of my run...I have been studying Ruth and have gone through his six week study of this I have read Ruth a million times this past week. Study this romantic love story, study this picture of redemption, study this man with a warrior's heart, study this woman who is marked by lovingkindness.

Now..just a little bit from the heart lately..a jumbled prayer from my journal.

I will soar with You everyday.
You hold me in Your embrace high above this fallen world.
I, by Your love, run through the fields, ripe.
I eat of Your goodness,
Your Words drip with satisfaction upon these lips...
The lightness of Your Spirit carries me adrift,
I gaze upon You
The fire in Your eyes pierces this flesh.
I am exposed
as Your eyes search to and fro
You find me...
a destitute girl
tossed by the wind

masked by an impoverished spirit
a faithless being
wallowing in deception
a soul encapsulated by sin

made frail by the lies of this age...
Yet You call out my name
You sing over me

a longing that is undeniable
bride adorned in white

hunger for wisdom

revelation for today
a steadfast girl
one refined
she who is becoming

I want to hear Your heartbeat. Attack the deception of vain imaginations that paralyze this girl. Win the war in my eyes...own my gaze. Find me faithful. Illuminate the skies over my head, let Your glory come down - as we, Your bride and the Spirit cry COME Lord Jesus, COME.

Thursday, October 16


Conversations...the stories of my kids...the ones that I love...the ones whom I stand before the Lord on their behalf...the ones that I cry for tonight, the ones that never cease to bring tears to these eyes:

"I spent the night with my grandfather last night. He took all my money and went to the clubs at midnight."

"I am afraid someone is going to take me away forever. Bad people live in my neighborhood."

"You don't understand, I'm black Katie."

"I've been angry ever since I was a child. It's just the way I am, and it's who I'll always be. Angry."

"My teacher is racist."

"She (40 yr old woman) called the cops because I snapped and cursed her out. I was about to beat her up; I don't like her daughter. My mom got all up in her face."

"There is a man that lives in the Projects that lures kids in with Popsicles and candy...and abuses them. He goes by "Coach"."

"My sister is 16. She gave birth to a baby boy on Tuesday."

"My boyfriend just got out of jail."

"My lesbian girlfriend cheated on me with a she's pregnant. What do I do?"

"I stay at school as long as I can...I don't want to go home because I hate my mom's boyfriend."

My heart aches. My spirit is overwhelmed. These are the ones the Lord has entrusted into my hands this year - may I understand the weight of that responsibility...I believe in, it's not always easy - Most days its the hardest thing I've ever done. Pray for them, I plead with you.

Ezekiel 16. I absolutely love it. God's love for His chosen people. How He loves Jerusalem. It's the story of me. I feel things moving in the spirit realm when I read these words in Ezekiel. A couple of words/phrases that the Lord has continually etched upon my heart the past 3 months....ZEALOUS, COVENANT, ALLURE, RESTORATION, FAITHFUL to the FAITHLESS, LIFE, and LONGING to LONG again.
More to come on all of these...stay tuned.

As for everyday, written in short, quick sentences....I think fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the cold weather. I cannot wait to wear hats, scarves, and jackets. I've been in a very domestic phase lately - I cook all the time and I love it. I'm counting down the days till OneThing 08 in KC. I am headed to Dallas this weekend for the State Fair with some friends...please note, I HATE the fair and I can't make myself get excited about fried oreos, fried twinkies, or corndogs -- and I won't apologize for that :) No doubt we will have fun though! The international house of prayer webcast is always playing in my room. My dad left me a voicemail tonight that made me cry, he was just saying hey and that he loves me. I LOVE the holiday season. All of my friends are now dating someone, must be that senior year deal. Aggie football is horrible and boring this year. I have turned into somewhat of a blog stalker - Hollie Hixson, you win. I started going to a new hope group led by worship minister and his wife --it's going to be a good year. I consider myself a cardiologist - seriously ask me anything, bring me your ECG and I'll explain it to you. My classes sometimes scare me...Abnormal Psych convinced me I was schizophrenic, my Cardiology class has convinced me I have congestive heart failure or I will die from heart disease eventually, Human Diseases makes me wonder how I'm still alive...I'm just saying.

Until that Day...

Thursday, October 2

Where Grace Abounds Day after Day

Just a few shots from here lately. I promise to post some of my writings soon.

School is eating my life right now :) I'm almost done here though, crazy. This pretty much sums up a lot of my life right now in a practical, everyday sort of a way...I ride my bike everyday, everywhere. I teach a strength and conditioning class at 5:45 am twice a week. I feel old here, I mean I am a senior. I am ready to graduate. I live in the cutest historic home ever with hardwood floors throughout. I spend my Thursdays with inner-city Middle Schoolers, and I would have it no other way. Running is my time to think, breathe, escape, and relax everyday. I'm still a Theta :) I'm obsessed with my church. Coffee makes everything better. I miss my family more than I ever have (since freshmen year at least). I'm taking a year off before I start grad school (if I ever start). My five roommates are hilarious - one of them brought a stray cat inside tonight and I almost killed it, literally. I love candles. People come and go. Things never stop changing in college. I love the wisdom of old people. These Presidential debates are making me nervous. I was made to be outside. I miss the beach. I'm due for a random road trip. Any suggestions? Moving on...

Jen came in town (took a break from corporate America) and laughed with me, encouraged me, and laughed some more. How I miss this girl.

Aggie Rings. I know, it seems lame. Who gets college rings? EVERY Aggie. One more reason to make fun of us...ha, but really, its a huge deal when you finally get your Aggie Ring at ATM after taking 91 credit hours. I think I have 120 hours now.

Being Katie.

A few roommates at Kim's wedding. People are getting married everywhere :)

Kia and Tay Tay making some cookies at my house one afternoon. They are the reason I'm here.

Tay got glasses and braces while I was away this summer. Ohhh Middle School.

I have the cutest brother ever. I went to his football game in Austin (only an hour from me!) at UT last weekend. The Razorbacks got killed, but it was such a sweet day spent with my parents and I loved getting to see Austin suited up in uniform. I saw him for like 10 minutes after the game before he flew back to Fayetteville with the team...just long enough to get a hug and snap a picture.

He's huge.

Hey..he's wearing my last name :)

One more before you go Austin! Proud sister. I miss him.

All because of Grace.