Monday, August 25

Goodbye LA...Hello Texas

Summer is officially over for this girl. I made it back to Texas late Thursday night and I began classes today. It has been a quick turn around for me to say the very least. It has been really sweet to catch up with friends here...but to be honest, it has been a somewhat of a difficult transition for me. Texas is tack-nasty hot and humid - just sick really...and I have received 321 mosquito bites in the 4 days that I have been back here. Ha, but for real...I feel like part of my heart is still in LA...and right now I am just praying for my heart to catch up with the rest of my body geographically. The culture is way different here, obviously...and there are days when my heart just feels super vulnerable about being back here...leaving my eyes always on the verge of tears. This is a good place to be, but not necessarily easy. I have definitely hit the ground running - leaving little time for me to really take adequate time to gather some of my lingering thoughts from this summer. Today I was able to set some time aside and do just this. With Bible, pen, and journal in hand I just began to jot down some simple thoughts and revelations from the summer. Some are more serious than others...some are more personal while others are broad and vague. So here we go, with very little format...and mostly heart's cries ---

  • The beauty of doing what one is called to do is indescribable.
  • I resolve to hold loosely the things which my Jesus has graciously entrusted me with in order to bless others in His name.
  • I love to write...a lot. Something about writing really stirs my affections for the Lord. I resolve to write diligently this year and to be better about sharing my writings with others.
  • Community is not a commodity, but completely necessary in ministry and in life.
  • There is always Hope.
  • I have a unique calling upon my life...I will not fight that fact any longer.
  • I will adopt - there is no greater picture of the Gospel.
  • Where the Spirit of the Lord is made welcome - He dwells, and where He dwells freedom reigns.
  • Discipleship - something I need to believe in more. It's powerful.
  • I love the grace of my Maker...words do no justice on this one, so I'll leave it at that.
  • Living a life surrendered is the best way to experience the faithfulness of the Father. The steps I take in abandoned faith - this is where I encounter the Father the most.
  • I will be grateful, on my face grateful, every single day. Period.
  • Cultural diversity sharpens one another, while uniformity is dangerously toxic.
  • I am selfish.
  • How refreshing it is to be surrounded with those who have kindred spirits, who love the Word, and who are running hard after our King...thank you Jesus.
  • "Big dreamers do not have time to swim in the pool of subtle offenses". - Matthew Barnett
  • The books of Isaiah and Hebrews - this is where I meditated most this summer. Much to be learned here.
  • I have been taken, blessed, and broken in order to be given. Forever.
  • There is something intrinsic within me that lives to love on the less fortunate, the broken, and the addicted.
I am going to end fears that the list is getting too long and you are about to quit reading :) This summer was life changing...I am sure I will reference it more on this blog. From one of my prayers back in July...

"Let my life always be given to You Jesus and to people. Holy Spirit, open the gates of Heaven - let Heaven come unto Earth...Let that be my calling, my journey, my desire - to see Heaven upon this earth. Sometimes I feel like I am so far from experiencing this...yet I love receiving glimpses of Heaven, and I have seen many this summer - I see it in the worshiping lips speaking and singing Your Word, I see Heaven's citizens in the people I am serving alongside, I see the childlike faith in the hands that I hold in the projects, I hear the sounds of Heaven when I commune with You Jesus...yet I cannot fathom the culmination of all of these things in one Dwelling Place...and to live There I long for that day...but until then - I am believing in Your power, in Your grace - that I might experience Heaven here on this earth. Thank you for the glimpses...I cannot wait for the full encounter".

Pray for me as I adjust back to life in college. Actually, pray I don't adjust too much...that I don't get comfortable...but that my heart will be settled. There are many unknowns in my life right now...I feel the weight of these things in my spirit daily. I know I am called to be here for this season...and I am excited about this upcoming year and the opportunities ahead. I was back in the projects yesterday didn't take me long - I could not wait to see my girls (they are in the picture at the very bottom of this website). I took Tay Tay to get school supplies last night before here first day of school and then of course to Sonic. I love those girls...

On a side note...keep my parents in your prayers as well...they head out to Africa tomorrow as they are moving forward with constructing an orphanage in Malawi. You can follow their journey here : --- what a calling. God is sovereign.

Smile today.

Thursday, August 14

Counting Down...

The time has come, and the countdown has begun as I prepare to leave LA. What a summer it has been. What an experience. What an opportunity. What a blessing.

I have many mixed emotions about leaving here. While I am excited to see my family for approximately 36 hours, and though I cannot wait to hug and catch up with the Texas is going to be difficult to say goodbye to the people I have come to love here. It's hard to believe I have been at this place for nearly three months.From the people on the streets, to the leadership of this ministry, to the people I am serving alongside - I have been encouraged beyond expression. Community is such a beautiful thing...Grateful for all of these things, yet knowing that this life is created by continual transitioning from season to season, I continue onward ... so here I go - ready to enter into what I pray to be a new season of excellence, wisdom, and revelation. Pray that as one season folds, that the next will open with greatness.

The Lord has spoken much into my life recently. In the midst of this sweetness, my spirit is at the same time overwhelmed by a lot of unknowns right now. My perspective has been altered as I have witnessed the lifestyles of the simple ones. My heart has been awakened more than ever - made alive in love for my Jesus, for His Word, and for His people. As I ponder the future days ahead - senior year, career choice, ministry, grad school, relationships, a city - I find it difficult not to run with a "living for that which is urgent mentality"...Here is another journal excerpt from my wrestling with that which is eternal.

"He has put eternity in the hearts of men (Ecc. 4:11). My heart beats for only that which is eternal – for here I have no continuing city, but I seek only the one to come (Heb. 13:14). What a beautiful paradox it is to have only a hunger for eternity yet at the same time realize absolutely nothing in this broken, temporary place we call earth will satisfy these longings. Fight that which is but a vapor, go to war with the spirit of delusion so that one's heart will remain steadfast in truly yearning for that which will never fade. If my days are as handbreadths and at best I am but a vapor; then I am most assuredly on the brink of eternity (Psalm 39). So Father God, help me to live not for that which is urgent; but rather, direct my footsteps to walk with great urgency for that which is eternal. Ruin me for eternity."

Easy to write, hard to do...just so you know :)

Tuesday, August 5


I finally took my camera out to Imperial Courts, my Adopt-a-Block site and snapped a few quick pictures. So here is but a glimpse of a Saturday morning.I also went to a Dodgers game last weekend - super fun, I love baseball. of His...a face of the inner city projects.My boys..Emon and Tremel. They live in Imperial Courts and come to church weekly with us on the bus..
Just hanging out at Haseim's house.
At Adopt-a-Block...Setting up the Food Line. The kids love to help us.
Beautiful face.
Just a little loving from Basimah, she is one of my favorites.
Go Dodgers.
Adam, me, and Tom after the game.
The whole crew. Fun night...Dodgers lost.
Yep, we were sitting pretty high up...but it didn't matter. However, I then realized about halfway through the game that my friend was the starting pitcher for the Dodgers game. He visits us in College Station often and sleeps on our couch - his name is Clayton. I couldn't believe it...didn't realize he was thaaaat good - way to go humble Clayton :)