Tuesday, July 29

Acts 20

The beauty of Scripture...that it's power never fades, that life is spoken through the Word each time I read it, no matter how many times I have read it before...this week I have been taken back to a couple of Scriptures that have had a profound effect on my life...I was looking back over some of my writings/prayers and came across a passage that I was really praying through on my journey of finding the Lord's will for this summer...Written exactly six months ago...I feel closer to being at this point than I ever have before -- yet still so much further to go to be able to confidently proclaim this longing within the depths of me.

"If only I could stand before my family, my colleagues, my roommates, my coworkers, my church body, my peers, my enemies...if only I could fall at my King's feet and boldly proclaim Paul's honest reflections in Acts 20:18-35....As I continue to journey and wander from earthly city to earthly city, I am determined to be able to speak Paul's meek words...Based on how I have always lived before men and among men - each will know that I sought to wholly serve he Lord with all humility. In the midst of the tears and endless trials as I chose to strive with fallen man...still I withheld nothing that might profit your soul; instead I proclaimed it loudly in the crowded marketplace and within my own home. I testified to all peoples, I continually spoke of the beauty of repentance toward God and the joy of running in faith toward my Beloved. The Holy Spirit has bound me so that I must continue forth to a new city - so that all might know. All I have is the Holy Spirit, it is only He that goes with me...it is not I, but the Spirit that testifies all things. I was fully aware of the the chains that would attempt to take me captive and of the countless tribulations that would await me always. But it simply did not detour my passionate longing to speak on behalf of my Bridegroom. My life doesn't carry any worth in this city, it means nothing to me. All I want is to finish this race with joy unspeakable. I am here for the ministry of love, to testify the wondrous Gospel of Grace. I must keep moving onward...I must tell all. I am innocent of the blood of all men, only because I have chosen to declare the love, mercy, and justice of my Jesus. I have warned, faithfully warned my brethren of the schemes of the evil one. I did not covet any others' wealth or possessions. Instead I trusted the Jesus I was serving to provide for me only that which is necessary. I have demonstrated to you by all that I do and say - that it is necessary and even more rewarding to support and love those that are the weakest. It is not I, but our Savior who declares, "It is more blessed to give than to receive.""

Read Acts 20 for yourself. Forget my words. Make it your own prayer.

One story ... in a time crunch as always...but I wanted to tell you about Allison. Allison is a woman I met on Skid Row about two weeks ago. As I walked around the area where we were serving food, I prayed very specifically that the Spirit would lead me to the one whom I needed to speak with. As I walked the grounds, as I do every week...I prayed intently. I caught a lady's eyes as I walked and just smiled at her. Her face lit up and she returned a smile. I saw something different in her eyes, and the Spirit whispered "Go Katie, go show her My Love"... I walked towards her and began a conversation with this woman, Allison. As we talked about my internship and what I was doing this summer she expressed great interest in the Dream Center and our discipleship/rehab program. I explained to her more about the program -- and long story short...I was able to load this woman in my car (Shawn's car) and bring her back to the Dream Center with me and enroll her in the discipleship program. She has committed to be here a year - pray that the Lord gives her strength to remain. She has made it through one of the most difficult stages I believe, the detox within the first week. It brings me such joy to see her on campus here with all the other discipleship women. I cannot speak with her beyond a simple hello...but I know my prayers are so much more effective than anything I could ever converse with her about. Praise the Lord...for he receives the prodigals with open arms. Help me to do the same Jesus.

Tired of writing...be blessed.

Monday, July 28

A weekend away...

I have much to update you on...The past couple of weeks have been incredible. It is such a privilege to be serving here. Right now I don't have time to write really, but here are a couple of pictures from my weekend away in Florida with the family. It was a sweet time...and so good to have everyone together in one place...these times are few and far between in this season of life. Beautiful.
Beach Bums.
I love the heck out of this boy.

Kiiiiim....my hero, duh.

Ok, so this is me and my boyfriend. I felt it necessary to take this picture in the midst of all the other couple shots. I was the 7th wheel all weekend :)


Austin replaced me on this trip...but I like her, so it's OK.

Some say we are twins. Still daddy's little girl.

Rockin' the shades. Get a tan Drew.

Really, really, really blessed.

I promise I will write soon. I have so much to write about it semi-overwhelms me. Maybe later on tonight or in the morning...Hope this day finds you well.

Wednesday, July 9

Lethal Lack of Community

It's July. What the heck? Time is slipping away from me so quickly here. A lot has happened since I have last written...more than I can catch you up on, my bad - bear with me...I'm just going to choose a couple of things to write about.

As for a quick miscellaneous life update...My friend Shawn Hyde who is currently doing an internship at Saddleback in Orange County went to India for a month - and has let me borrow his car for the last couple of weeks. What a blessing that has been. Needless to say, I am a pro at driving in LA and actually enjoy it somewhat. I feel like I am on Mario Cart or something...it's like a game to me...So praise the Lord for a vehicle and many trips to the beach and to Yogurt Land. Secondly, Kristin Borden just left this morning...she came and visted me for a couple days and we had a great time. It was refreshing to see a familiar face. She even got me to eat sushi while she was here...big feat. We went shopping maybe 234 times during the four days she was here :) We also went to Laguna Beach and rode a trolley (yes trolley, i felt 84 years old, but it was cute) alongside the beach and through the mountains...beautiful.

As for life at the Dream Center....everything is going wonderful. I am still being amazed by this ministry and the people I am serving alongside. Just to touch on a few of things that have happened recently...I went out on food truck one day last week and had the opportunity to have a pretty in depth conversation due to some LA traffic with the ministry leader as well as another one of my guy intern friends....Alfred, the ministry leader spoke much truth during our time together. He was heavily involved in the gang scene before Christ transformed his life and took him as His own. He taught me a lot about the history of generational gangs in LA...and you would be shocked at the statistics regarding gangs in this area. A couple of things that we conversed about have really been on my heart and in my mind over the past 7 or 8 days. Within the walls of the church or even just in everyday life...we focus way too much time on solutions. I want to fix everything and everyone. In my heart I know I am unable to do this - but even so, I want my Jesus to fix them, fix the situation, fix the mess, or solve the problem. Life, business, relationships, church, ministry, school - I am always searching for a solution of some sort. Being a perfectionist, this is often magnified within my own life. Alfred explained the greater need for compassion versus solution. Generational gangs cannot be fixed with a bandaid. You cannot find a quick fix for something that is rooted so deeply in sin. Period. When I think compassion...I don't necessarily associate the word with much power. However, great revelation is being called forth in my life that there is immeasurable power in the compassionate spirit. So Lord, give me compassion. I want Your eyes, Your ears, Your love...Beyond this, Alfred also discussed what he called "the lethal lack of community in LA". There is much to be learned about this. We build churches in America, not community. I find it be the greatest downfall of the western world. We were made for community...and one will search till he finds it whether it be in a gang, in a neighbordhood, in a club, or in a church. The responsibilty is mine..its ours, as the Church to cultivate community -- open your eyes, look around...the world is screaming and reeling for community.

Today, I was out at Skid Row for the afternoon with our ministry Under the Bridge, feeding hot meals to the homeless. I had the sweetest conversation with a sixty year old woman, Frieta. She is currently in the process of coming off of meth and heroine. I was drawn to her immediately and I got to talk with her for nearly two hours. We laughed a lot, and she was so encouraging to me with her words. She was a little bit concerned that I am twenty-one and not dating anyone...she didn't quite understand, but she wanted me to know that I did not need to wait until I was thirty to start a family. She told me that I better find him soon - I told her I was confident he is going to find me :) All I could do was laugh...that conversation is a reoccuring theme in my life...but It's cool how the Lord always opens up opportunities for me to share about my life in Him and why I do what I do. Today was weird because my heart was broken and encouraged all at once. That makes zero sense - but that's the best way I know how to put it. I prayed for her at the end of the afternoon and didn't want to leave her. I cannot tell you how many times I just wish I could have my Xterra here and load up four women off the streets and take them home with me and spoil the heck out of them...so that they might know what life is, what life abundant is with my Jesus. Oh that they might know...I am believing that one day they will. How I long for that day...when He makes all things new.

I am delirious. Forgive the jumbled thoughts...but I have been getting hate messages about the lack of blogging here lately...so I wanted to write really briefly before I went to bed. Goodnight. Figure out a way to cultivate community today - community that is fixed on Christ...include some new people in your community today. Talk to someone on the street corner. Bless someone in your office building, heck - bless a couple of people. Take someone random to lunch. Spend a little extra time communing with our Maker so that you might have a better vision of what community is supposed to look like. Get out of your world...and get in someone elses. You don't need an invite.