Friday, December 12

Headed to the Outback...

Yep, that's right. Finals are over. My notes are on my bookshelf. The books have been sold back. I'm pretty sure I pulled a 4.0 this semester, or at least pretty close to it. Whose keeping track though? I'm free.

Grades are the last thing on my mind - I'll be boarding a plane in about 36 hours to head to northern the Queensland area. Don't ask me how or why I do the most random things...just so goes my life :) I'm beginning to see a small trend in myself...about every six months I do something really random. Ever felt like you were having a an outer-body experience? Well, that's how I felt when one of my girlfriends (who is currently in grad school and getting her masters in business)called me about two and a half weeks ago. I'll sum up the conversation with one sentence that came from her mouth, "I have two, free, first-class tickets for you and I to go to Australia for nine days."


Yep, that's what I said. Well, it was more like "whaaaaaaat? how? when? why? are you serious? shutup."

So I'm off. Off to be spoiled in first class. Off To summertime in Australia. To a villa on the beach. To see the Great Barrier Reef. To relax. To read. To retreat. To shop. To talk with Aussies. To find Hugh Jackman (go see the movie Australia). To get away from everyone and everything. To stop.

If you know me, or halfway know would know that I headed not to the mall to get some clothes for the trip (not to mention, there are no summer clothes in December anywhere) - but to Barnes & Noble to get some books. Ahhh, the joy of having ample time to read what I want to read outside of my studies of cardiology, human diseases, and exercise physiology. I cannot wait.

From the fullness of His love I have blessing after another.