Friday, September 25


"Roll the whole burden of life upon the Lord. Leave with Jehovah not thy present fretfulness merely, but all thy cares; in fact submit the whole tenor of thy way to Him. Cast away all anxiety, resign thy will, submit thy judgment, leave all with the God of all...the ploughman sows and harrows, and then leaves the harvest to God. What can he do else? He cannot cover the heavens with clouds, or command the rain, or bring forth the sun, or create the dew. He does well to leave the whole matter with God, and so to all of us it is truest wisdom, having obediently trusted in God, to leave results in His hands and expect a blessed issue."

Release your cares.
Breathe deeply.
Be still.
Hear the Spirit's groaning on your behalf.
Be free.

For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. Romans 8:26

And the God of PEACE will CRUSH Satan under your feet SHORTLY. The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you. Amen. Romans 16:20

...more than conquerors...

Saturday, September 12

Take a Look Around

While in Africa I kept a running log of simple observations I made on a day to day basis...

Dusty, bare feet. Dry hands, Huge smiles. Unique smells. Contagious laughter. Willing sharers. Leather-like soles. Attentive listeners. Beautiful singers. Unashamed worshippers. Babies caring for babies. Swarming flies. Eager learners. Countless orphans. Grateful receivers. Tattered clothes. Bright eyes. Happy dancers. Respectful children. Diligent workers. Fatherless. Motherless. Nasty goats. Content souls. Hungry stomachs. Fast runners. Brilliant minds. Back-riding babies. Humble hosts. Welcoming spirits. Sweet harmonies. True community. Extremely grateful. Sick bodies. Two-handed wavers. Painted sunsets. Hearty eaters. Confusing hand-shakers. Inquisitive starers. Snotty noses. Slightly unaffectionate. Lonely little ones. Abandoned widows. Young population. Few men. Committed translators. Devoted Churchmen. Willing servants. Tired women. Helpless little ones. Creative kiddos. Unforgettable faces.

Much more to come from my African journey....but thought I would start simple as I begin to relay my experiences and my thoughts concerning this far-away land and these precious people.